What are the 3 Artisan Classes of Diablo 3?

Posted by Mayank on May 31, 2012 in Games

Diablo 3 is dark, deep and dangerous. Your weapons will be your best friends here. You could choose to go empty-handed and die thousands of miles below ground level, or choose the right weapons and save the world. The choice is yours!

Artisans are those who would build and repair the weapons you use to destroy the Armies of Hell in Diablo 3. There are three artisans: Mystic, Jeweler, and Blacksmith. Here is a quick summary of how each artisan can help you.

Blacksmith Haedrig Eamon is the miracle guy with metal and heat. He can forge weapons, shields, helms, belts, suits of armor, and a range of paraphernalia for you. Haedrig can be good at repairing the items you are equipped with. He can also take care of the items in your inventory by restoring their full durability. Of course, he charges gold relevant to the level of difficulty.

Jeweler Covetous Shen also knows his job well. He is the master of gemcraft. He can use gems of even low quality for great results. Give it to Shen for excellent etching of sockets into pants, belts, helms, and shields. He can make any piece of equipment benefit from the power of gems. Shen is ready to help you with the other side also – that is with removing gems.

Mystic Myriam Jahzia can add magic to any item. Being a mystic she can see into the future. But, there is more to her powers. She could be your final call of defense. Myriam can make a weapon or piece of armor into a magical item gaining in strength, speed, and power. She can even put a magic spell on an item so it replenishes your life. You can seek her help for items in your inventory or with weapons you are carrying.  Myriam can see into the future but she will not tell you always what is to come. However, with the help of her powers she can judge what would be the best weapons for the future. That is why she is one artisan you must always return to for help if you wish to fulfill your destiny as the one to dominate Diablo 3.

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