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Posted by Prashant on September 15, 2011 in Google+,Social Networking

google plus symbols

We use Google Plus almost on daily basis and spend our time reading & sharing posts, watching photos and videos, playing games, participating in hangout or reading stories from sparks. But do we really understand the symbols for each of these services and their purpose. When I was trying to find more tips for Google Plus, I noticed these symbols and decided to write something about Google Plus symbols. You’ll be able to remember these symbols after you finish this article.

circle symbol


Circles  – This symbol really matches its name too as these circles here represent your real life circles of family and friends. You can have many circles, big or small and few people might fall into 2 or more circles. Just look at the symbol and you understand that it represents venn diagram also.

spark symbol


Sparks – Symbol of Spark has cool look which resembles a twinkling star.

hangout symbol


Hangout – The video symbol represents hangout which is nothing but a video chat where you can invite your circles to join it and then can enjoy watching each other. You can also watch YouTube movies. So logo of a video within a speech bubble is really great.

Home symbol

Home – If you click this symbol on Google Plus, you will reach Home Page of Google Plus or your main Stream. Symbol of hut on the top with line representing stream is where you will reach when you log in Google Plus.

profile symbol

Profile -Face in a circle represents the profile page of the user. Clicking on this will take you to the profile page where you can edit details related to your profile for e.g about and other section.

Games Symbol  Games – Wondering whether symbol for games is similar to a flying disc. Games symbol with a small circle in the middle and four colored bar is the place where you will find great Google Plus games.

Google Plus Notification Symbols

Below symbols are for Google Plus notifications which will appear in you plus bar notifications.

comment symbol Comment Notification – If you noticed this symbol was part of Home symbol too as it represents stream and any comment or +1 of your post or any post you commented on will have this comment notification symbol. For e.g Below is a comment notification when Guy Kawasaki mentioned me in my post.

example of comment symbol

circle add symbolCircle Notification – When someone adds you to their circle you will see this symbol in the notification area.

Circle Name symbol


Whenever you visit a person’s profile who is in your circles, you will see the green button on their profile which shows the circle they are added to. Also you will see if you are in their circles also. eg. In the above image, when I visited to Robert Scoble’s profile, it shows that I have added Robert Scoble to my circle called “Following” and “You are in Robert Scoble’s circles too” tells me that Robert has also added me to his circle though it doesn’t show which circle I have been added to.

 Google Plus symbols used in Posts

Whenever you share a new post in Google Plus, these symbols appear for every new post. You can use these symbols to do many things and these are available in the web version of Google Plus.

Share photo symbolSharing Photos in posts – Click this symbol to share photos in a new post.

share video symbolSharing Videos in posts – Click this to upload or link to a post on YouTube

link symbolSharing link in posts – This link is used to share any URL on the web which could be a webpage or a video too.

location symbolSharing location in posts – If you want to share your current location, use this symbol.

Google Plus symbols for mobile

If you access Google Plus form mobile, below are the symbols that you will see and use.

Instant Upload symbolProfile photos and Instant Upload – This symbol is same as “Photos” symbol which you’ll see while accessing Google Plus via web. This represents instant upload option for mobile app of Google Plus.

Huddle symbolHuddle – You’ll find this symbol only in mobile app of Google Plus. This symbol was part of Hangout symbol too.

By going through all the above symbols used in Google Plus, now you can easily identify the use of a symbol and the reason behind the look of a symbol.
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