What Is Amazon Silk ?

Posted by Mayank on September 28, 2011 in Kindle

Amazon announced the introduction of Amazon Silk, exclusively available on Kindle Fire. Silk, is a new web browser from Amazon and it uses some of the Amazon’s best technologies for ultra fast web browsing. Amazon Silk browser is optimized for the Amazon Kindle Fire hardware, which runs Android Gingerbread. The main focus of Silk is to take the processing load off of the Kindle Fire CPU/GPU.

Amazon decided to call the Kindle Fire browser as Silk because a thread of silk is invisible yet incredibly strong connection between two things. In this case it is an invisible yet incredibly strong connection between Kindle Fire and Amazon Cloud.

Amazon Silk is a revolutionary, cloud-accelerated browser that uses a “split browser” architecture to leverage the computing speed and power of the Amazon Web Services cloud. This new way of thinking about browser architecture, however, does not diminish your ability to control your browsing choices. It also supports Adobe® Flash® Player – a key feature missing in the iPad series. With Silk, Amazon is able to utilize the power and capabilities of the AWS infrastructure to overcome the limitations of typical mobile browsers.

Amazon Silk deploys a split-architecture — Each time you load a web page, Silk makes a dynamic decision about which of these subsystems will run locally and which will execute remotely. In short, Amazon Silk extends the boundaries of the browser, coupling the capabilities and interactivity of your local device with the massive computing power, memory, and network connectivity of our cloud.

Kindle Fire is still not available. It is due to be available on November 15th. You can pre-order it at Amazon

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amazon silk


A few other notable features of Amazon Silk are :

  1. Supports the pinch and double tap gestures for zooming into and out of particular areas of the page.
  2. Supports tabs – you can open multiple tabs and switch between them.
  3. Uses bookmarks — You can open a site, copy the url, or delete a bookmark.
  4. By default, it switches to the mobile version of a website, if available. However, it also gives you the option not to default to the mobile version.
  5. Privacy – Amazon Silk optimizes and accelerates the delivery of web content by using Amazon’s cloud computing services.  To do this, the content of web pages you visit using Amazon Silk may be cached to improve performance and certain web address information will be collected to help troubleshoot and diagnose Amazon Silk technical issues.

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You can watch this short video on Amazon Silk

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