Where are Emails Stored in a Mac?

Posted by Mayank on May 12, 2012 in Mac

If you want to backup only your emails stored on your Mac or if you want to find out how much space are your emails consuming on your Mac — How would you go about locating the master files?

Unlike the Outlook or other Email clients on Windows, this location not highly evident, however, it is not too difficult to find as well. Just read on ..

Go to the Finder, click to the ‘GO’ menu in the Menu Bar at the top of your display. Then when the menu drops down, press the ‘Option’ key on your keyboard. By doing so, you’re displaying the hidden folder and in this case – you’ll see the “Library” option popup in the menu drop down. Highlight and select ‘Library’.

Next, navigate to Library -> Mail -> V2. You will now be able to see folders for all your email accounts and their data, RSS feeds if you use Mail for RSS feeds. Also, in the same location where you have Mail — is located the folder called Mail Downloads. Mail Downloads contains all the attachments to your emails. If you remove, delete or rename any of these, the associated email link won’t work properly.


Please note some files may not be readable in applications other than the Mail app.

Please note that Library folder was made hidden from Mac OS X Lion 10.7 onwards. Hence the additional hold down Option key step necessary.

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