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Which is the Best Kindle to Buy?

Which is the Best Kindle to Buy?

Posted by Mayank on September 29, 2011 in Kindle

Kindle has been the largest selling e-Reader and September 28th 2011 changed the landscape of Kindle as well as e-Readers. All of sudden we now have a lot of Kindles to deal with. As of today there are 7 different Kindles available at 11 different prices. Amongst all these choices, how do you make a selection? Which is the best Kindle for you? Here’s a quick short review of Kindle options:

You will be able to find our details of all the Kindles available and our recommendation for each of them and also you will get to know the best Kindle to buy.

Irrespective of whichever Kindle version you prefer, all of them come with free cloud storage for all the Amazon content so you don’t have to worry about running out of space.

1. Kindle:

kindleUnlike the usual trend where the oldest model is the cheapest – This one is not the old Kindle. In fact, it is the new Kindle. Previous Kindle was named Kindle 3, but Amazon has named this one just the Kindle. It is the base model, available for lowest price ever – $79 and is 30% lighter and 18% smaller than the previous generation even though the screen is the still the same 6″ size. It is available for $79 with ads and $109 without ads. It has a 2 GB storage enough to store 1300 books (you get unlimited Amazon cloud storage as well). Battery life is 1 month and has just a 5-way controller for interface. There isn’t any keyboard and you need to use the awkward on screen keyboard using the 5-way controller.

Further details, user reviews and buyer’s comments about this Kindle can be found at Amazon.

Our recommendation – Not Recommended

Average User Rating: ★★★½☆


2. Kindle Keyboard:

kindle keyboardKindle Keyboard is in fact the old Kindle, which has been rechristened and also has a lower price tag to sport. Kindle Keyboard version comes with a 5-way controller as well as the keyboard. It lower entry price is $99, which is the price of the Wi-Fi model with ads. If you want the Wi-Fi model without ads, it will cost you $139. There’s also a 3G version available for $139 with ads, or $189 without the ads. So, this is basically the Kindle 3 model, which has 4 models available, ranging from $99 to $189 and has a battery life of 2 months. It comes with a 4GB storage on the device plus unlimited storage on the cloud. This model has been around for quite some time and has found many buyers and book lovers. However, it faces stiff competition from Kindle Touch, which is our highly recommended product.

Further details, user reviews and buyer’s comments about this Kindle can be found at Amazon.

Our Recommendation – Buy if you must!

Average User Rating: ★★★★☆


3. Kindle DX:

The costliest Kindle available for $329 and not really worth the mention due to stiff competition from other Kindle versions and e-Readers. Not at all recommended by us. You can get details of the Kindle DX at Amazon.


4. Kindle Touch:

kindle touchYou can say that this is the new Kindle model and also has a touch screen, not present in the previous Kindle versions. It does away with almost all of the buttons—none for turning pages, and no keys for entering text. Everything gets done via an IR touchscreen. Initial response has been tremendous – the touchscreen looked very responsive, and the onscreen keyboard seemed to work just fine. It’s entry price for the Wi-Fi version is $99 with the ads and $139 without the ads. The 3G version, which also supports Wi-Fi is available for $149 with ads and $189 without ads. Kindle Touch has a cool new feature called the X-Ray feature, which gives you a bunch of contextual information about the book you’re reading.

Our detailed review can be found at : Kindle Touch 3G review and Kindle Touch review

Further details, user comments and buyer reviews of Kindle Touch 3G and Kindle Touch are available at Amazon.

Our Recommendation : Go for Kindle Touch instead of Kindle Touch 3G. Kindle Touch will cost you an extra $50. Though you have the liberty of downloading any book any time – but how much and where will you travel that a Wi-Fi is not close by. It is now almost everywhere. If you plan to go for an international travel, you can download books upfront or when you have Wi-Fi.

Average User Rating: ★★★★★


5. Kindle Fire:

kindle fireKindle Fire is the latest and biggest departure from the Kindle line of e-Readers. Kindle Fire is a tablet in fact and not an e-Reader. There are both pros and cons with using a tablet instead of e-Reader. On the pro side, you can do much more with the same device – Full web, email, Android apps (including some very nice games), video etc…. Almost comparative size and light weight. Rich and True Color resolution, and a wide viewing angle, 3G and W-Fi – All this for just $199. On the con side, this isn’t e-ink anymore, which means that it is strainful to your eyes (are you already not used to this strain from computers, tablets, TVs etc) and the sensational battery life isn’t sensational anymore. It is about 8 hours of battery (still good) and weighs twice as other Kindle e-Readers (weight is still light though). It is easily the best $200 tablet and a real alternative to iPad.

Further details, user comments and buyer reviews of Kindle Fire are available at Amazon.

For details read our Kindle Fire review.

Our Recommendation : Good, but faces stiff competition from Google Nexus and rumored 7″ iPad

Average User Rating: ★★★★☆


So, Finally – Which is the Best Kindle to Buy?

In our opinion, Kindle Touch for $99 is the best Kindle option to buy. We believe that the 3G version is an excess and an extra $40 for the 3G version is not enough to justify the cost. If you’re a book worm, nothing can be better for you than the Kindle Touch. Touch screen is great as well as other features like X-Ray, dictionary and encyclopedia make it a good enough buy. The price tag of $99 makes Kindle Touch an awesome buy!

Kindle Fire is an equally compelling and awesome buy. Kindle Fire is best suited for those you like to do more than reading. For $199 it is the best price for value out there. It is a cheap, but a good enough iPad competitor. Kindle Fire makes an exciting buy for sure, without slightest of the doubt.

Try it and do let us know what you think about the same.

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