Who is unfollowing you on twitter?

Posted by Diya on June 5, 2011 in How To,Interestingness,Social Networking

unfollow twitter

Social networking in twitter is a game of following and followers. Everyone wants to be among top 100 twitterholics list which is currently topped by lady gaga with 10719240 followers with justin bieber approaching fast with 10199330 followers. You can also find out your twitter rank and make efforts to influence more people to join your followers list. While you keep track of your increasing followers list , there might be few people who have also unfollowed you on twitter. Now you can keep track of all those who have unfollowed your twitter handle by utilizing a very good tool which provides you not only with a list of unfollowers but will also show the handles which haven’t followed you back.

who unfollowed me

who.unfollowed.me is the website which helps you track your influence by linking your twitter account with itself.
You can get all this info for free and unfollow application maintains a 7 day unfollower list, however if you want to maintain a unlimited history of unfollowers you need to upgrade to Pro version with only $4.99/year.

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