Yahoo Redesigned its Search Page [Update]

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Posted by Prashant on September 18, 2011 in Website

Whenever Google makes changes to its Search Engine we all come to know as majority of people use Google Search for any query. It’s not only Google that is making updates but recently Yahoo redesigned its search results page. It is another effort from the company which is yet to recover from its downfall and the controversies its surrounded with. Now Yahoo has made its search results page to be more clear and intuitive.

The following changes are available now on the Web, Images, Video, News, Blogs, Finance and Sports search results pages:

  • Clean and Simple – A cleaner and simplistic look and feel that helps you find what is most important to you and to enable you to take action faster.
  • Automatic Tabs – Easily accessible tabs will automatically appear right below the Search box to give you the specialized content you may be looking for on our other vertical search results pages.  The tabs that may appear, based on the search results content, are Web, Images, Video, News, Blogs, Finance and Sports.
  • Left Filters – Filters on the left side of the results will appear, for sorting results by time and related searches.

yahoo results tab

Query aware tabs

Yahoo results are based on query-aware tabs which means you will view related topics in left hand menu and related videos on right side of the main search results. Below is search result from Sports tab.

sports results

Image results from Facebook

If you do an image search, you will be shown results from Facebook as well. When I did a search for Mark Zuckerberg, I could see image results only from Facebook.

image search

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