5 New Features in Gmail

Posted by Prashant on November 4, 2011 in GMail,Google


Like every other Google Product , Gmail is also undergoing changes to blend with Google+. Google has introduced few new changes to its free email service which ehances the look and ease of usage of the product. Currently this new look and new features are available for users to try but soon old look of Gmail will be gone and everyone will be switched to this new look automatically.

1. Email Threads with Profile images

In the email chains, now you can view the profile images of your friend next to their messages. So you can easily see who said what. This new featuress give email thread a look of group chatting. You can click on any message to expand/contract it or reply to it.


2. Automatic Display Density

New Gmail allows you to choose between 3 display density i.e. Comfortable, Cosy and Compact based on your preference. Choosing a Compact display will reduce the spacing between the elements on the screen automatically whether you’re viewing it on a desktop, ipad, smart phone or any other tablet. Similartly setting Display density to ‘Cosy’ will give Gmail a spacious look.

gmail display density

3. New HD Themes

Gmail team has also added few new HD themes courtesy iStockphoto. Old Themes will also stay so if you like your old theme it will be automatically applied to the new Gmail look. You can change the themes in Setting Panel.

4. Easier and Smarter Navigation

Left hand navigation can now be more easily customized. Users can resize the labels and chat areas. There is a chat icon in the lower left corner which can be used to hide the chat window permanently. Clicking again on the icon will bring back the chat window. Arrow keys can also be used to navigate in the left hand menu.


5. Improved Search

Advanced Search Panel allows user to search for any email in a much faster and more efficient way. User can search email using criteria such as ‘To’,’From’, ‘Subject’, ‘Has the Words’, ‘Doesn’t have’ , ‘Has attachment’ and ‘Date Within’ etc. Filters can also be created for the search query.


If you want to try this new look before its automatically applied to all gmail user, click on the “Switch to new look” in the bottom right corner of Gmail screen. To switch back to old look, click on Settings and then click ¬†“Revert to old look temporarily”. ¬†Watch the below video explaining the new features

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