A Stylus Which is Also a Fashion Bracelet

stylus which is also a fashion bracelet

Steve Jobs was not a big fan of stylus and believed that human fingers are the best stylus. However, with the explosion in the usage of tablets and smartphones has given rise to a lot of apps, which work best with a stylus. There are a lot of great stylus out there and one, which stands out from the crowd is the Slap Stylus, which also works as a fashion bracelet.

Mobile accessory make Chil has created a stylus that doesn’t have to live in your shirt pocket, or worse, that gets lost and isn’t there when you need it. The dual-purpose Slap Stylus can be worn fashionably as a bracelet, or straightened out to use as a stylus on any touch-screen device.

stylus which is also a fashion bracelet

The stylus looks like a wrist-based fitness tracker as can see in the picture above. It also does a decent job as a stylus. The stylus tip has a rubber nib and is not highly precise but does a good job at jotting down notes and tapping buttons. Holding the pen is equally comfortable.

When I first saw the stylus bracelet, I was skeptical, but it turned out to be pretty easy to use. Though it isn’t the stylus for extended drawing or writing sessions, it is pretty useful.The Slap Stylus is made of a high grade, durable, smooth silicone exterior that’s waterproof and great for carrying around wherever you’re going. The folks at CHIL covered it with a unique anti-dust coating making it dust-resistant, while at the same time providing a soft grip and feel. The stylus is sold via Amazon in eight different colors and two sizes and is suited for all mobile device users.fashion bracelet and stylus

The company offers free replacements should the stylus break due to snapping and unsnapping.

Rating: ★★★★☆ Sold via Amazon

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