Apple’s iMessage unveiled for iOS 5

Posted by Diya on June 6, 2011 in Apple,Interestingness,iPhone

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iMessage feature launched by Apple Chief Steve Jobs today at WWDC(World Wide Developers Conference) is considered to be a strong competitor to BBM i.e. BlackBerry Messenger for iOS platform.
Apple’s iMessage which will be part of iOS 5 gives you the power to message your friends from any of your iOS devices. Similar to iChat ,iMessage users will be able to send text messages, photos, videos, contacts and group messaging and will be shown when the other person is typing.
iMessage will run via 3G and Wi-Fi and best part is that your conversation will be synced across all of your iOS devices and you will be able to view and start conversation from your iphone, then switch to ipad and finish it on your itouch. Isn’t this amazing..?
Now new messages will no longer be pushed on to your screen and interrupt your game but will appear on top of the screen which you can slide to view details and tap to send it back to the app.
Apple’s iMessage also gives you the ability to track your messages by providing delivery receipts and optional read reciepts. All the conversation will be securely encrypted for text messages.

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