Complete Guide To Searching Facebook Photos on Bing

Posted by Prashant on September 5, 2012 in Facebook

Bing recently introduced new feature using which users can search for their Facebook Friend’s Photos and view those in Bing. Users can also like, comment and share those images. That being said, though Bing Facebook Photo search is good but not excellent as there are many issues and missing features which are listed in this guide to searching Facebook photos on Bing.

To start with, go to Bing Facebook Photos search i.e. If you haven’t already authenticated Bing with your Facebook account, then you will be asked to sign in using your Facebook account and then allow access to Bing. Now you are ready to explore Bing Search for Facebook Photos.


What can you search for using Bing’s Facebook Photo Search?

Default view will show recent photos in your news feed that may be from your Friends, Groups, Pages, Facebook Lists, Subscriptions etc.
See Photos of You
Click on tab ‘Your Photos‘ and it will popup all of your recent photos. It will include recent photos that you uploaded as well as photos in which you’re tagged on Facebook.

See your Photo Albums
Hover your mouse on tab ‘Your photos‘ and choose ‘Your albums

See your friends photo album

  •     Enter you Friends name in search bar. Bing will start showing matching friends name which you can choose to perform search.
  •     Now you will see an additional tab with drop down to show ‘Photo of your Friend‘ or ‘Your Friends Album‘.

Features available in Album View

  •     Default view is album view and you can all see all the album covers with a count of photos in them.
  •     Clicking on Album will show all the photos in it, with count of likes and comment on each of those.

Anytime, you can click on any of the shown tabs to go to that section. For e.g. If you are viewing your Friend’s Wedding Album, you can click on ‘Recent Photos’ to see photos from your news feed or click on ‘Your Photos’ to see your recent photos.

What can you do using Bing’s Facebook Photo Search ?

Actions performed on Search Page
On search Page, you can see total likes and comments on a particular photo and can perform below actions:

  • Like a photo : Hover mouse on the photo and click ‘Like’.
  • Share a photo on Facebook : Hover mouse on the photo and Click Share. Facebook Share window will open where you can choose to write something about it and share. You can always choose the audience of your shared post by clicking the settings icon in front of ‘Share’ Button. Once done, click ‘Share’ to share photo on Facebook.

Clicking on a photo will enlarge it with comment window on the right sidebar.

Actions that can be performed in Sidebar

  • Like a Photo
  • Comment on a Photo
  • Share a Photo on Facebook

Actions that can be performed by hovering mouse on enlarged image

  • Like Photo
  • Share Photo
  • Open Photo in Facebook
  • View Next and Previous Photo: Use Arrow buttons or click < and > button to move forward and backward in the search results.

What are missing features in Bing’s Facebook Photo Search?

We totally agree that it’s a very nice feature which allows you to search your Facebook photos. There are few Facebook photo features which we believe if Bing would have incorporated, it would  have been be amazing.

Few missing features in Bing’s Facebook Photo Search:
1. No Fullscreen view
2. No Tagging Option available
3. No Photo Download Option
4. Can’t share photos on Friend’s Timeline
5. Can’t share photos on Group
6. Can’t share photos on Facebook Pages
7. Can’t Send photos in Private Facebook Message
8. Can’t unfollow post
9. Can’t add Location
10. Count of Like and Comment on Facebook doesn’t match with Bing view. ( Max count it shows is 25)
11. Doesn’t show the Count and Likes on a Facebook Albums
12. Bing’s Facebook Photo Search is good but not excellent as there were many photos with location added to those and mentioned in comments & description, but Bing didn’t show those in the search results.

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