Defrag Like Never Before [How to]

Posted by Mayank on December 3, 2011 in DIY

File fragmentation occurs when different parts of the same file are stored in different physical location of the hard disk. This causes the computer to spend more time collecting files, resulting in a slowdown in execution time. Defragmentation is a process, which reduces the fragmentation by organizing these files in an orderly manner by storing files in contiguous manner and creating larger regions of free space.

Below picture should explain you all.

defrag like never before

How to Defrag Like Never Before:

Want to defrag like never before? Want to do a defrag, which really works? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Uninstall all the unwanted programs.
  2. Uninstall all the programs or executables, which you have a copy for and you can install again without any license issues.
  3. The uninstall performed till now will cause a lot of randomized free space and will increase fragmentation, which is a good news for us. Now when we will defrag, a lot of contiguous free space will be created.
  4. Close all the programs.
  5. Run Disk Cleanup and clear out all the temp files. You can invoke Disk Cleanup by typing cleanmgr in the Run command line.
  6. Run Disk Defragmentation from search for programs or go to the Run command line and type defrag or dfrg.msc
  7. Pick all the drives you want to defrag (especially C drive) and let the defrag run.


  • First defrag takes a long time ~ a few hours. Better to leave it overnight and go to sleep.
  • Defrag will show major performance improvement for older systems that have been running for long.
  • Don’t defrag solid state drives – it will shorten the drive life.

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