Design Facebook Profile Header [How To]

Posted by Prashant on September 4, 2011 in Facebook,How To,Social Networking

FB Profile header

You can make your Facebook Profile look awesome by adding a banner or header to your Facebook Profile. On Facebook Profile by default random photos from your album are shown to any of your friends views your profile. Now you can design those 5 photos to display together a cool profile header. Here are few simple steps that you can follow to change the layout of your Facebook profile.

Step1: Go to the Banner app

Go to Facebook and in the search bar Type “FBBanners Banners” and hit enter.

Step2: Choose existing profile banner

On myFBBanners page, click on “Go to App” where you will find lots of existing Banner header and there are multiple sections like New Banners, Top Banner,cars, music, movies, games, love, celebrities etc. Go to any of these categories and choose any of the existing banners.

Step3: Create customized banner

If you want to “Create you own banner” then click on “Create a Banner” on Top of this page. On the next screen, click on ‘Select Image’ and upload any image from your computer.

create FB Banner


Step4: Upload the image and adjust the banner

Once you have uploaded the image , you would need to adjust it to showcase on your profile header. Make sure that selected portion should be inside the grey rectangle.

FB Bannner for Sguide4idiots

After setting your image click on “Create Banner” to finalize the banner design.

Step5: Review and Upload the banner

Next screen will show you what your banner will look like and gives you an option to directly upload the banner to your profile.

Upload banner to FB


Step6: Check your profile

Check you profile now which will have a new profile banner.

Final Profile headerIf you want to change your Facebook Profile header in future, just go to “FBBanner” again and repeat the steps again. Now go on and show off your cool new FB profile header to your friends.

Video Tutorial of How to design Facebook Profile Header

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