Facebook Cheat Sheet

Posted by Mayank on April 1, 2014 in Facebook,Productivity

Are you guilty of spending too much time on Facebook and not attending to matters which are of higher importance? Well, here is some help. You can use Facebook shortcuts to cut short the time you spend in Facebook. Whether you decide to spend that time doing something else or spending the additional time in Facebook – it is your choice.

You can use these handy Facebook keyboard shortcuts for quickly getting around the social networking site, finding conversations, and composing messages. This Facebook Cheat Sheet offers up all the shortcuts plus a guide to emoticons.

Note that the shortcuts work differently in specific browsers. For example:

Firefox: Shift + Alt + #
Chrome: Alt + #

Firefox : Control + #
Chrome: Control + Option + #
Safari: Control + Option + #

facebook cheatsheet

This Facebook shortcuts infographic has been created by mycleveragency

Check our awesome collection of shortcuts.

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