Facebook messenger for Iphone and Android phone launched

Posted by Prashant on August 9, 2011 in Facebook,Featured,Social Networking

Facebook messenger

Facebook has launched its messenger app for Iphone and android phone today. This new app is mainly released for sending messages and chatting purpose. User can directly log into the app using Facebook login details and the next screen will show the previous messages.
You can start a new message thread or can reply to your friend’s messages. It makes a easy for those who simply want to chat with their friends instantly and don’t want to use their Facebook app. Although there are many other apps which integrates with Facebook but this is the second officially launched app from Facebook. It came as a direct result of buying Beluga, company which has the app with same name and was quite popular for its messaging service.


Features of Facebook messenger app for Iphone and android phone

  • Facebook Messenger app is absolutely free and is available in Android Market Place and Apple store. Soon this app will be available for Blackberry phones.
  • Messages are sent and received in real time , no refreshing requiredFacebook Messenger.
  • Users can also share their photos directly from their phone.
  • To organize the chat conversations, user can also name their chat threads and can also choose a picture for group conversations.
    Messages sent via Facebook Messenger is also saved as part of ongoing conversations on Facebook.
  • User can also map their location so it becomes easy to meet up with someone who is near. User can turn off the location mapping by clicking the pointer next to each message.

How to get Facebook Messenger app for Iphone from Apple Store?

  1. Search for “Facebook Messenger” app which is free to download.
  2. Once downloaded, you will be asked to enter you Facebook login details.
  3. After authenticating your Facebook account, user would need to enter his/her phone no. on which a link will be send to confirm the number. (User also has an option to skip this step).
  4. Once authenticated you can use the app.

With the recent launch of Google+, we have seen the increase in the addition of new features to Facebook and launch of this app is strongly believed that Facebook is going ahead strong and is ready to give strong competition to its rival Google+. In this Google Plus Vs Facebook war, end user is the one who is going to benefit the most with both social networking websites providing great features for users. Google+ is still in its limited trial and recently allowed users to invite friends using a link. It also has unique features like circles, sparks, streams and hangouts which are getting quite popular on the web.

With Facebook doing so many modifications and updates to its online website as well as app , Google+ still has to address the issues which are reported for its Iphone App.

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  • Geraldine says:

    A bit surprised it seems to smiple and yet useful.