Facebook partners with Heroku to provide free app hosting [Update]

Posted by Prashant on September 18, 2011 in Facebook,Social Networking

facebook developers

Facebook has recently partnered with Heroku to help developers by allowing them to upload their Facebook app on Heroku’s cloud service. Everytime an app is developed in Facebook, it needs to be hosted on a server which is the responsibility of the developer to find a hosting service and then host the application. With this new partnership now developers don’t need to worry about the hosting part.


Heroku supports apps developed in all major developing languages like PHP, Pyhthon, Ruby, Node.js at no cost. While creating app developer can choose “Cloud services” option and then select Heroku as provider. Developer is then asked to log into Heroku using their existing Heroku account or they can create a new account for Heroku. ┬áIf you have an existing Heroku account with your Facebook email address, the new app will be associated with your existing account. For more details visit Facebook Developer Blog.

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