Facetime on 3GS

Posted by Diya on December 23, 2010 in Apple,iPhone

Since I got the iPhone 4, making Facetime calls has been one of the regular activities. However, what has been limited the use of Facetime is the unavailability of facetime on 3gs. Facetime was launched with the iPhone4 and is missing on all the previous versions of iPhone, which means that facetime on 3gs, facetime on 3g etc. is a feature which is unavailable and cannot be used.

In order to use facetime, either the users need to be on iPhone 4 or iPod Touch. Since I have an old iPhone (iPhone 3GS) as well, I was just curious to find out if I can get Facetime on 3GS to work. I checked various websites and found that there is some kind of crazy things going on with facetime on 3GS.  Some guys associated with “iPhone Islam dot com” claim have made a fix available via Cydia to enable facetime on 3GS. The app or the fix is known as “FaceIt-3G” and are offering it free of charge through Cydia. Since iPhone 3GS only has a rear end camera available, that is the only way it can be used, using the rear end camera.

However, what I found is that the so called “Face-It 3G” is a jailbroken app and you need to have a jailbroken iPhone 3GS to make facetime for 3GS to work. This is typically not one of the things I like to do i.e. to have jailbroken things and not something I would like to recommend to my users.

Verdict :

Stay away from this “Face-It 3G” app. Facetime on 3GS does not work. Either upgrade to iPhone 4 or buy an iPod Touch. Facetime for 3GS is an option, which you’d love to have, but please understand that facetime with 3gs is not an option and I believe it is illegal to do jailbreak activities. Stay away from such things.

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