Fix for “FaceTime – Waiting for Activation”

Posted by Diya on December 23, 2010 in Apple,iPhone

FaceTime is Apple’s video calling feature between 2 devices which support FaceTime. FaceTime is a feature which came with iPhone 4 and is now available on the iPod Touch models as well. Though many of the Apple products work seamless and do not cause any issue to the users (unlike Windows), many of the users have reported this issue where they got the message “FaceTime – Waiting for Activation”.

When I bought my iPhone 4 and tried to make FaceTime calls, I did not see FaceTime option in my iPhone. I thought that FaceTime is not enabled yet, so, I went to Settings->Phone to see whether FaceTime is enabled or not and I found that FaceTime is ON. Just below that, found the message “Waiting for Activation”.

Since my phone was not activated yet, I thought that might be the culprit. I decided to do the usual trouble shooting tricks (described in my previous post – FaceTime Failed – xxx is not available for FaceTime) and it worked !!!!!

Resolution :

  1. Connect to your local Wi-Fi by going to Settings->WiFi
  2. Go to Settings -> Phone. Turn OFF FaceTime and turn off “Show My Caller ID” and do a hard shutdown (hold down sleep+home until the power off slider appeared).
  3. Switch ON the phone and go to Settings, -> Phone and turn ON FaceTime and turn on “Show My Caller ID”
  4. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings
  5. Did restart of phone again, connected to the local WiFi again and Voila !!!!! the FaceTime button appeared and I started making the FaceTime calls without any problem.

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