Get Your Computer Fixed Within Minutes Without Ever Leaving Your Home

Have you ever fallen into a situation when your computer had some issue or was infected by virus and you tried your level best to fix it? I’m sure you would have. Even if you’re a qualified engineer or very good at computers but still there would be cases when none of your knowledge will apply to issue at hand. Trust me even Google don’t give answer to all your computer problems.

Before you head outside to look for a computer repair shop, just make a call to experts at Boxaid. Boxaid is your hassle-free way of getting online computer support instantly over the phone without leaving your home or officeBoxaid provides online pc support and once you call them they take remote control of your system and resolve the issue. All the time they are working on your issue, you will be able to see everything that they are doing, so no worries at all. You can also disconnect their control whenever you want.


 How online PC repair works with Boxaid?

It’s very easy to get your PC fixed with Boxaid. When you call Boxaid at their toll free number, one of their technicians will understand your problem and will tell if Boxaid can provide the solution. If they can (most likely it’s the case) then after few simple steps of enabling remote control, they will start working on your system issue.

 What Boxaid can do?

Team of technicians at Boxaid can easily resolve most of the common issues faced by computer users. Virus removal, Antivirus Trojan removal, improving system performance and stability, printer configuration and installation & resolving blue screen errors are few of the issues they are expert at resolving. For complete list of services offered you can visit Boxaid website.

 Benefits of using Online PC repair by Boxaid

  • No more driving to a physical store for PC repair
  • You don’t have to wait days or weeks to get your PC
  • No risk of physical damage leaving it at a store
  • Lower overhead means lower cost to fix your PC
  • No intrusion on privacy by inviting someone in your home
  • Online Technical Support Any Time of Day
  • No charge unless work is properly completed
  • No Up front Payment Collected unless satisfied

 Why use BoxAid?

Now you might be thinking why you would go to BoxAid as there are many other companies offering the same services. Here is simple answer – WSJ doesn’t write about every other PC repair service. Yes, BoxAid has been featured on WSJ. Here is the link. BoxAid has a great team of technicians who are polite, prompt, experts and very helpful. You can see it for yourself by visiting their testimonial page, where they have recorded testimonials of actual customers.

Now let’s come to the pricing part. As I explained earlier that when your call BoxAid, their technician will firstly understand the problem then tell you if they can fix the issue. Once you give them a go ahead, they will give a quote for fixing the issue before even starting the work .If they can’t fix it, no money is charged. You can check their standard pricing chart here.

I would recommend you to try BoxAid next time whenever you’ve issue with your laptop or desktop computer. A simple call can resolve your problems. ! Life is Easy with BoxAid.

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