GIMP Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Posted by Mayank on March 29, 2014 in Productivity

Why we love GIMP? We love GIMP because it is a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop and comes with a pack of features, which are enough for a blogger or a person with similar interest. If you use GIMP, there are a ton of shortcuts you can use to do your work quickly and easily.

The keyboard shortcuts cover everything from switching tools to working with layers and navigating the program. Some of the most useful ones include repeat last filter (Ctrl + F), go to the Crop and Resize tool (Shift + C), and Save image as (Shift + Ctrl + S).

Of course, that depends on your workflow, but any way you slice it, this is a handy resource for GIMP users. Jeff Kayser created it for Gimp 2.6, but the shortcuts seem to still be the same for the latest version of Gimp (2.8).

Top 10 Things You can Do in GIMP without buying Photoshop

  1. Create Instagram like effects
  2. Change a specific color
  3. Fix distorted images
  4. Change background keeping the same subject
  5. Create reflections
  6. Brighten up specific part of an image
  7. Remove blemishes
  8. Remove red eye
  9. Whiten teeth
  10. Enhance photos with color correction

Details of what you can do with GIMP without buying Photoshop are available here.

Right click and save the image below on GIMP shortcuts. This GIMP shortcut resource has been created by jeffkayser

gimp shortcuts

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