Google Introduces Account Activity for insight into Google Products

Posted by Prashant on March 28, 2012 in GMail,Google

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Google today introduced a new tool which will send your account activity report every month with a password protected link. Google services that you have signed up for will be included in that report. It is another measure launched by Search Engine Giant which will provide more insight to users who can then monitor their account activity.

Users can see how many emails they sent, which browser they use often, which place they log into Gmail account most of the times. Reports will be in graphical format including the details of major services. Google is also planning to include more services in account activity soon Here is the link to go to your Account Activity

Once you opt-in for this service, after collecting data for few days, Google will start sending report links to you. This new feature will also add to security of your Google Account as you can monitor any suspicious activity in your account. For e.g. if you notice that reports shows that your gmail account was accessed from a country where you have never been or haven’t accessed your Google account from, then you will be sure that someone else is accessing your account and you can take preventive measures like immediately changing your password or start using Google 2 step verification method.

You may also want to be sure that your new password is hackproof and should be easily cracked. Here are few tips which you can utilize to make a strong password.

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