How Does Kindle Paperwhite Light Technology Work?

Posted by Diya on October 3, 2012 in Kindle

If you haven’t bought the best e-Reader yet, you’ve been missing something! Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the best e-Reader in the market today! Period.

Before Paperwhite, Amazon Kindle e-Readers were not back light. You needed light to to read or enjoy the Kindle e-Readers. This is when other devices and e-Readers like Nook and iPad started giving tough competition to Kindle e-Readers because they were backlight and could be read in the dark. This is when Amazon came up with this amazing device, which is the Kindle Paperwhite, which does not need external light for you to read, is front light and has an equally amazing battery life. Top of it – it still does not strain your eyes!

This is what makes Kindle Paperwhite so amazing. Detailed review of Amazon Kindle Paperwhite can be found here.

How Does Kindle Paperwhite Light Technology Work?

According to CEO Jeff Bezos, they have been working on the technology for years now, attempting to get the perfect balance of brightness and battery life, all while ensuring an even distribution across the display.

Amazon’s certainly not the first company to deliver an illuminated e-reader, but is certainly excited and pumped about the same. We’ve heard the technology described as an optical cable laid flat across the display. Click Here for further details on Kindle Paperwhite.

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