How GMail Works

Emails are now an integral part of our life. Hardly a day goes when we do not check our emails. An average person sends and receives hundreds of emails every day. But have you ever wondered where your message goes after you hit “send?” How does an email travel from your computer to your friend’s smartphone across the country or around the world?

Google Green team is answering those questions with Story of Send, a new site that gives you a behind-the-scenes look into how all that virtual information makes its journey through the real world—from your Internet service provider to Google data centers and beyond. Along the way, you’ll discover everything from where Google applies filters for spam and scan for viruses to how Google is minimizing impact on the environment through energy efficiency and renewable power.

Google Green team has included videos and photos throughout the journey so you can explore certain areas more deeply. For example, if you’re curious what a typical data center servers look like, they’ve included some photos. Or you can watch a video to learn about how we purchase clean energy from wind farms near their data centers.

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