How to Add/Remove Apps to/from Google Drive

Posted by Prashant on April 24, 2012 in Google

Google Drive is launched today and seems it’s very planned launched as Google Drive is already integrated with many different application. There are many apps which are readily available to be used with Google Drive. Currently the number of such apps is limited but soon it will expand. Benefits of adding these apps to your Google Drive is that you can access those from any web browser or from any machine and after processing, those files will be stored back in your Google Drive. Once you’re done using those app or got bored, you can simply remove those apps.

How to add Apps to Google Drive?

To add apps to your Google Drive, Go directly to Chrome WebStore for Google Drive and choose the apps that you want to install and associate with your Google Drive Account.

Just select the app that you want to install and then it will be automatically available on your Google Drive on Web. You need to have Google Chrome to use these apps.

How to get list of apps on Google Drive?

Once you install required apps from the Chrome Web Store for Google Drive, you can use them directly in Google Drive. Log into your Google Drive Account and then click on Gear settings on the top right corner of your Google Drive window as shown below. Choose ‘Manage Apps’ and you will be shown a list of all the Google Drive apps that you have installed.

How to Delete Apps from Google Drive?

If you no longer plan to use the app then you can simply delete the app and it won’t appear in your Google Drive. Under the Manage Apps section, you can remove the app from Google Drive. Just Select the app, click ‘Options’ button next to it and then ‘Remove this App‘.

If needed you can add those apps later, by visiting Chrome Web Store for Google Drive.

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