How to Add Emoticons in iPhone

Posted by Mayank on June 12, 2014 in How To

Ever felt jealous that Android users can include emoticons in text messages and you being an iPhone user are not able to? It is time to stop being jealous and understanding your iPhone better than you’ve known all along. iPhone comes equipped with hundreds of hidden features and one of such hidden feature is the ability to add emoticons.

Once you enable emoticons – you enable it in the keyboard, which gives you access to hundreds of emoticons and you will be able to use them in text messages, Facebook posts, folder name or any other place you type character. Also, many third-party apps enable you to create new emoticons with images from your iPhone and you are never short of an emotion.

How to Enable Emoticons in iPhone

  • In your iPhone, navigate and make selection as follows: Settings->General->Keyboard. Now from the Keyboards submenu, select “Add New Keyboard.” Scroll down the menu and select “Emoji
  • Now you will notice a input field in your keyboard, which resembles the globe icon.
  • You can enter emoticons and exit emoticons using this globe icon
  • Open an app that accepts text input, such as Messages or Facebook and enjoy the ability add emoticons in your iPhone.

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