How to Add TeamViewer to Auto Start in CentOS Linux

auto start teamviewer in linux

TeamViewer is a great option to access your Linux machine remotely but until you set it to auto start, it may always need some manual intervention to start TeamViewer when say the Linux machine restarts.

It does not matter which platform you’re accessing your Linux machine from using TeamViewer — it works well from all of them. I like using TeamViewer because it is reliable, works very well and is free for personal use. In case of free version, it always has an annoying message to remind you that the free version is for personal use only and it does disconnect sometimes. But overall speaking, it is great for managing a remote machine.

How to Enable TeamViewer to Auto Start in CentOS Linux

I’m using CentOS 7, but I believe this solution should work for all the Linux versions.

  1. Login to your Linux server and start TeamViewer
  2. Go to Edit Profile and select the General tab.
  3. By default, “Start TeamViewer with System is disabled. Just enable it and TeamViewer will start when your Linux machine boots.
auto start teamviewer in linux



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