How To Browse your Droid Razr phone on Monitor or HD TV using Webtop

Posted by Prashant on December 19, 2012 in Android,How To

Ever wanted to browse your phone and apps  on a bigger screen than your smartphone. You can do that using Webtop application and a dock accessory which allows you to connect your phone to a monitor or a HDTV. You can even create and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations with online tools like Google Docs.

Once you connect your phone to Motorola Lapdock 100 or Lapdock 500 Pro , Webtop Application will be automatically launched.

You can get the Motorola Lapdock 100 for Droid Razr from Amazon.
Connect your smartphone to a HD display using the HD Dock, HD Station or Adapter for webtop application, then choose the webtop application from the application menu.
Once done, simply disconnect your phone from the dock.

Send Current Webpage to Phone
While using Webtop application if you find any interesting web page you can transfer that page to your phone for later viewing. In Firefox, Go to File > Send to Phone. Web Page will open in your smartphone browser.

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