How to Compare Files on Mac

Posted by Mayank on September 1, 2012 in Mac

Do you want to compare files on Mac?

There are several Mac apps you can use for the purpose and also several websites available, which can do the file comparison. The only drawback with file comparison using websites is that you need to paste the content and many a times there is a limit on the content you can paste and compare. This makes the task tedious and time taking.

For Mac users, we’ve found an excellent app, which you can use to compare files on Mac.

The app is Visual Differ.

How to Compare Files on Mac

VisualDiffer compares side-by-side folders and files using colors to visually show differences. From the Folder view it’s possible to make operations on folders and files like copying or deleting.

It’s possible to compare quickly directories choosing base folders from the context menu. Using the File Filter feature is possible to hide from visualization specific files like .git, .svn directories or the omnipresent .DS_Store files.

compare files on mac

The folders comparison can be done using different techniques from the fastest “compare only date and size” to the fine-grained byte-by-byte comparison. The files comparison is done using the unix diff command this choice makes the result quick, standard and reliable. It’s possible to save work sessions then quickly reopen them to compare directories hierarchies or directly two specific files.

VisualDiffer is available at the Mac Store for $4 and is easily one of the best file comparison software for Mac.

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