How to Complete Uninstall Apps in Mac

Mac users find it super easy to delete apps – all they have to do is to go to the Applications folder and drag the app to the Trash or double click the app and select the option to delete it. It is much more easy way to delete apps when compared to Windows uninstall process, but it may not be a highly efficient process because often an app creates files and folders outside the app’s main folder and on various locations on the drive, which makes those items difficult to be discovered and subsequently deleted.

For these reasons, I use an app known as AppTrap, a free utility that installs as a System Preference pane and runs in the background.

When you delete an app, AppTrap finds the associated files and folders, and moves them to the Trash, removing the need for you to hunt down the associated files and folders yourself. There are few other apps as well, which do similar work but they either come at a premium or offer a whole lot of other features, which I don’t need.

AppTrap just remains in the background without you ever realizing that it exists. You will realize it exists only when you delete an app. I’ve been using AppTrap for quite some time now and it has never given me problems or affected my Mac’s performance.



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