How to Create iTunes Audiobooks from CDs

Audiobooks have been a huge game changer. Those who don’t like to read can now easily listen to audiobooks. You can now listen (or read) audiobooks while driving, while working out, while carrying out your daily chores and running errands. Isn’t that a great use of your time? You can now increase your productivity manifold.

Say, you borrowed a set of audio CDs from your nearest library. You don’t have to stick around a computer or a CD player to listen to the CDs while they play – there is an easy way to import them into iTunes and than transfer them to your iPhone or any other iOS device. You can then listen them on the go.

Follow the easy instructions below.

  1. Insert the first CD in the disk drive and you will be prompted a question “Would you like to import the CD into your iTunes library?” Click Yes or if using MP3 files on your computer – go to iTunes and select the option “Add to Library…”
  2. Repeat the above step for all the remaining.
  3. Go to “Recently Added” in iTunes and select all the folders using Command or Control or Shift key as appropriate.
  4. Right click or two finger click and select “Get Info”
  5. Go to Options and change “media kind” from Music to Audiobook
  6. Do additional changes if you may – like artwork etc.
  7. Sync your iPhone or iOS device and enjoy!

* Note: Sometimes the individual tracks in the CDs are not appropriately named and you will have to update their information using “Get Info” before you convert them into an audiobook.

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