How to Delete an Email Address in GMail

Posted by Mayank on December 28, 2012 in GMail,How To

GMail has a nice feature that it not only stores all the addresses you’ve stored in your contacts list, but also one you’ve sent an email to. It is a nice convenience, but not always. For example, you’d be having an updated address in your contacts list however, GMail will also show an email address which your contact had ages ago. You may end up picking the wrong address!

Worse, those unwanted email addresses keep showing up in your Chat window to your left (if those addresses are GMail addresses). There may be a few you don’t want to see whether they are online or not.

So, how do you delete a Contact, which isn’t really one of your contacts?

how_to_delete_gmail_contactsTo delete a GMail contact, which is really not one of your contacts, you have to start by pretending as if it is one of your contacts. To start, click GMail in the upper left corner of your GMail window. From the dropdown, select Contacts as shown in this picture.

Start typing the name in the search field.

Select the unwanted address you want to delete.

Once you select the unwanted address, the complete profile of that particular address will open. You use this page to convert this contact to a real person (if you really want to). You can add name, address, photo, email address or perform any other changes.

To delete this contact, all you have to do it to click More button located at the top and then select Delete from the dropdown (as shown below). The GMail contact will be deleted immediately without a warning.





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