How to Delete Your Facebook Search History

You probably never realized it, but whatever you search in Facebook – it gets saved.

There are many unimaginable things which can go wrong if your account gets hacked or you forget to logoff properly from your Facebook account when using a shared or public computer.

Facebook stores your search history because it helps them show you better results when you search. Additionally, only you can see your searches. In these days of piracy concerns – you can take chances?


How to Delete Facebook Search History

There is an easy way to erase your search history on Facebook.

Just login to your Facebook account, go to Activity Log.

Once in the Activity Log, click More in the left sidebar to reveal Search. You can now delete individual searches or clear all the search activity at once.

There isn’t a setting that turns this history off entirely, unfortunately, but again—you can clear your searches at regular intervals.

Source: Facebook

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