How to Do it Right with Reminders

Posted by Mayank on January 6, 2013 in iPad,iPhone

Reminders are a perfect way to keep you on track and save time. You’ll see your productivity sky rocket when you don’t forget stuff and do them right – in the first shot itself.

There are several apps to keep you on track and provide reminders, including the Reminders app by Apple. Reminders app is great, but it is not awesome. It does not have all the features to be a robust reminder tool.

There is one app, which has caught out attention recently.

The app is: Do It Right

Do It Right allows you to group your tasks into lists and manage them separately. You can add your tasks: text notes, voice notes, pictures, reminders and web links. You can associate a numerical value to the tasks, a price, hours, etc. .. and Do It Right will keep track for you. If you have a Dropbox account, you can make a backup of it, to be sure not to lost anything. You can mail a list or a particular task. You can also print the lists you want using AirPrint.

Simple design and usability are what sets this app apart from others. The app is universal and works equally well with iPad as with iPhone. Try the app today. It only costs $1.

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