How to Download Instagram Photos

Posted by Mayank on August 17, 2012 in How To

If you’re a fan of Instagram photos and ever tried to download an Instagram photo to your computer, you would have observed that it is not straight forward. It is much more easier to share an Instagram photo rather than download an Instagram photo!

You can easily email photos or share them and then download them, but if you want to download multiple photos — there isn’t an in-built tool which can do that.

We found a few existing solutions, which can help you download Instagram photos as a zip file.

How to Download Instagram Photos


Instabackup is a Mac application to download all your Instagram photos to your hard disk.


Instaport is a simple way to export or backup all your Instagram photos by downloading a single zip file. Instaport also allows you to filter the photos you want to download based on criteria such as when they were shot or what hashtags you applied to them. Soon you will be able to use it in combination with Google+, Facebook or any other (photo) application.


Copygram is a useful utility even if you do not own an iOS or Android device. You can download Instagram photos to your hard drive. When you logon to Copygram, you need to allow Copygram to access your Instagram account and select the photos you want to download. In a matter of seconds, you will get a link to an archive containing your Instagram photos.

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