How to Encrypt Facebook Messages for Free

Once in a while you may need to send an email or a Facebook message which contains sensitive data like you need to send your credit card information to your family member so that they can do a purchase.

Want to keep your emails safe from prying eyes?

Simply use – Encipher is a free coe snippet which you store in your browser bookmarks to encrypt any email or a block of text on any website, including Facebook and other social networks

You can encrypting your email with Encipher. Encipher is a simple way to protect your sensitive data. You can encrypt emails or Facebook messages with your private info like credit card number and only the recipient can decrypt it with correct password.

To deal with email encryption you have to type the message in Gmail or any other email web service, click on Encipher It button and create a password. In the same way you can encrypt messages in Facebook or any other social networks and web services. You need only to enter your message in a text field, use bookmarklet and type a password to encrypt message.

Here’s a video to show how this works

Encipher isn’t limited to emails. It can encrypt texts you type in a browser, including messages you type in a browser, including messages sent via Facebook or other social networks. The encryption happens locally on your computer and hence, there isn’t any chance of someone else decrypting over a network.

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