How To Find And Watch Movies That Support X-Ray For Movies

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X – Ray for Movies is a feature exclusively available on new Kindle Fire HD tablets which were launched recently by Amazon. Using X – Ray for movies, while watching any movie using Amazon Instant Video you can get the information about the actors by simply tapping the Kindle screen. “Who’s that guy?” and “What’s he been in?” are example of questions which will be answered within seconds when you use X – Ray for movies.

Amazon and IMDb together introduced this feature where Kindle Fire HD will pull up information about the actors from the IMDb database. Information like what other movie the actor have been in, biographies, photos, filmographies and more will be immediately available by simple touch on your Kindle Fire HD Screen. All the information will be fetched from IMDb database which ‘The #1 movie website in the world‘ has gathered over a period of 20 years.

In a IMDb press release, Col Needham, IMDb founder and CEO mentioned that “This is the culmination of everything we’ve been working on for over 20 years and is the result of a combination of sophisticated technology and old-fashioned hard work. Backed by the millions of pieces of data in IMDb’s catalog, X-Ray will change the way you watch, discover and enjoy movies—movie lovers will have to see it to believe it.”

Currently not all the movies have X-Ray for movies available. Below steps will help your learn how to find and watch movies that includes X-Ray for Movies and how to use X-Ray for Movies while watching videos on Kindle Fire HD.

How Does X-Ray for Movies Work?

Step 1. Browse the Videos section on Kindle Fire HD and select a movie with the “Includes X-Ray” icon.

X-ray for Movies
Step 2. While the movie is playing, tap the screen to access X-Ray.

X-ray for Movies
Step 3. X-Ray will display the cast members in the current scene. Tap on any cast member for more details.

X-ray for Movies
Step 4. Tapping on a cast member pauses playback and shows the person’s biography and filmography. Tap the play button on lower left to resume playback.

X-ray for Movies
Step 5. You can also add other movies by the actor in your Watchlist.


How to Find Movies that support X-Ray for Movies on Amazon

Amazon Instant Video has a huge list of movies that includes X-Ray for Movies.  Here is the list of movies that support X-Ray for Movies

X-ray for Movies

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How to Find Movies that support X-Ray for Movies on IMDB

IMDb is owned by Amazon and has a separate section where you can find movies that support X-Ray for Movies and are available on X-Ray for Movies.

X – Ray Titles on IMDB

X-ray for Movies

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