How to Find Electronics Items at 50-75% off at Amazon

Posted by Mayank on March 21, 2014 in Personal Finance

If you head over to Amazon, you will find quite a few products listed at huge discounts. Amazon makes it super easy for you to find products relevant to you, but it does not make it equally easy to find discounts relevant to you (and understandably so!).

Say, you’re interested in the Amazon BestSeller Printer, Epson XP-310. You would be happy to see it listed for a particular discount price (it was listed at 40% discount when I wrote this post). However, if you want to see items available at 40% to 50% discount price – you will have to perform a nice little trick.

I wrote a similar post earlier, which received tons of traffic and thank you notes. However, Amazon has done a few changes since then and the trick always doesn’t work. So, what I’m trying to attempt is to take a particular department at a time and check whether it works or not.

amazon products at 30% off

I’m providing a few useful links below for the usual discounted price brackets:

Computers & Accessories:

All Electronics Items:

I verified the listings and most of them seem to be correct. Some of the items start to show weird results at higher discount price like 90-99% range, but at lower discount range, it seems to be pretty accurate. Also, once you make a purchase and the price of the product drops, it is still possible to get a refund from Amazon for the price drop.

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