How to Get a Refund of an Amazon Product, whose Price Drops

I, along with my friend were planning to buy a heart rate monitor. We had narrowed our choice to Polar FT7 through Amazon (it had the least listing price), but we had not ordered it and were still reviewing similar products. One night, I had made my mind and went ahead with the purchase of the same. I bought Polar FT7 from Amazon for $78.

Next day I informed my friend about my purchase and he told me that the price of Polar FT7 had dropped to $75. I felt disappointed at losing those precious $3!!!! Because I am an Amazon Prime member, I was due to receive the product the very next day. Out of curiosity, I checked the price of Polar FT7 the next day and it had dropped to $70. With a $8 loss, my disappointment grew, especially because my friend ordered the same product for $8 less than what I paid for.

Amazon is known for its excellent customer service and I decided to contact them regarding the same. Needless to say, I was thrilled at the outcome and I share the experience here for your benefit.

I was refunded $8 back and was told that Amazon has this policy that if you purchase an items and its price drops – Amazon will issue you a refund once for the price difference within 7 days of the delivery. If the price falls further within 7 days and you have already requested refund on a particular day – no further refund will be issued to you.

I was good with that and I never bothered to check the price again. Shortly after the conversation, I received a confirmation email as well.

Item: Polar FT7 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch M- XXL Strap (Black / Silver)
Quantity: 1
Reason for refund: Account adjustment

Here’s the breakdown of your refund for this item:
Item Refund: $8.01

We’ll apply your refund to the following payment method(s):
Visa Credit Card [expiring on 2/2016]: $8.01

We’ve processed a refund for the above order in the amount of $8.01. The refund should appear on your account in 2-3 days if issued to a credit card. Refunds issued to a bank account typically take 7-10 days to reflect on the account balance.

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