How to Install Quicktime Pro

Posted by Diya on August 21, 2010 in How To,Mac

Now-a-days Mac comes installed with a version of Quicktime, which is Quicktime Player, also referred as Quicktime X.

If you want to upgrade to Quicktime Pro, you need to have Quicktime 7 (as you can notice that it is a lower version that Quicktime X).

If you try to download Quicktime 7 from Apple website and install the package, you’d get a message like “can’t be installed on this disk (or any disk) because Quicktime X is already present”. Many users get confused with this (including me). I even called Apple support line and the technical support guy told me that it should work !!! That was a bit of strange of Apple Support !

Anyway, it did not take much time to figure out what’s wrong. Here are the steps :

  1. Do not use the downloaded version of Quicktime 7. You will have to install the QuickTime Player 7 from the Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard install DVD or CD, which ever it is (I usually throw away the CDs and I felt lucky to still have the Mac CDs).
  2. Insert your Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Install DVD.
  3. Open the Optional Installs folder and double-click “Optional Installs.mpkg”.
  4. Select the QuickTime 7 option and click Continue.
  5. QuickTime Player 7 will be installed in your Utilities folder.
  6. Open Quicktime and register

Note: If you double-click any media that requires QuickTime Player 7 for playback and it is not already installed, you will be asked if you want to download it from Apple.

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