How to paste images directly in gmail compose window

Posted by Diya on June 13, 2011 in GMail

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Gmail recently launched a new feature for its users who use chrome for accessing their google account.If you are using google chrome there is a good news for you i.e now you can directly embed images into your gmail compose box. Yes you read it right and I know how relaxed you would have felt by reading it. For me, it has always been a painful task to firstly save a screenshot and then attach it over the email before sending pictures to someone. Although some time ago, gmail provided us with an option of adding attachments by simply dragging files from desktop to compose, but still there was a task to clip the image and save it as a file. Now you are no longer required to do that as you can paste the items in gmail compose box directly from clipboard. This feature is only for those who are using google chrome for accessing gmail.

paste image in gmail compose box


Not Firefox friendly

When I tried to test this new feature of gmail in firefox, I was able to paste the image in the compose window and send the email as well. But when it was delivered in my receiving email id there was no image, just the text. 🙁
Sorry Firefox users, this feature of gmail doesn’t work with your browser. You can at the most use drag and drop feature of gmail and add your images/files as an attachment by simply dragging them from your desktop to the compose window of gmail. Gmail team has plans to extend this feature for firefox users too..If you are sending pictures then it’s best to send those as attachements.

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