How To Quickly Convert Webpage Into Ebook Format?

Posted by Prashant on September 19, 2012 in How To,Kindle

dotepub provides a bookmarklet which allows you to convert any webpage into an ebook with just a single click. Once saved, you can read that ebook in any of epub compatible devices like e-readers, smartphones, desktop computers. It’s good for downloading long articles as reading those on web isn’t always a preferable option for many.

Option1 : Download Webpages as eBook without images ( Immersive Mode ON)

Go to website and simply drag their icon and drop it in the bookmark section of your Browser. (Won’t work with Internet Explorer)

download webpages into ebook
Now whenever you want to download any webpage as ebook, simply click the dotepub bookmarklet and that webpage will be automatically converted into ebook format and downloaded.
This option doesn’t save any images or links in the original webpage. It is case when Immersive mode is On (Default Setting).

Option2: Download WebPages as eBook with Images (Immersive Mode OFF )

If you want to download the webpages with images and links then you need to make a slight change to  the settings. Firstly Go to website and then go to bookmarklet section and uncheck Immersive Mode as shown below.
download webpages into ebook

Go ahead and simply drag the dotepub icon from the website to your bookmarks and it’s done. Now whenever you click the button, currently selected webpage will be converted to ebook format with images and links in it.

Option3: Download WebPages as eBook in MOBI format

As you may have noticed in screenshot in Option 2 above, that there is an option to choose between EPUB and MOBI format. You can select MOBI format, if you plan to read the webpage on your Kindle.
download webpages into ebook

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Option 4: Use dotepub Extensions for Firefox and Chrome

If don’t want to use the bookmarklet, you can also install the extensions for Firefox and Chrome.

dotepub for Firefox

dotepub for Chrome

Now you can read that downloaded ebook by either using Calibre, or on your smartphone, iPad, Kindle etc.

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