How to Read EPUB books on Kindle

Posted by Prashant on August 12, 2012 in Kindle

Kindle allows you to read files of different format like DOC, JPEG, PDF, HTML, TXT, GIF, PNG, BMP, PRC and MOBI files that can be simply sent to your kindle. But what books in Epub format as kindle doesn’t recognize this format. So before you read Epub books you will need to convert those into Kindle Format.

You can buy books from Amazon which gets automatically downloaded on  your Kindle device. If you plan to download books or documents from other websites that provide books only in EPUB format, you can still read those on your kindle with a small tweak.

How to Read EPUB books on Kindle

You will need an ebook Management tool to convert EPUB book into Kindle format. There are many ebook managment tools available in the market but I used Calibre – E Book Management for this post. You will need to download the program from Calibre website and then install on your system.

Once installed you simply start the program and then click on ‘Add Books’ and then give the path where your EPUB files are located. You can select multiple files to be added into the Calibre Library. Now you can connect your Kindle to the computer. You will see ‘Send to Device’ button in the Calibre Ebook Management Software.

To send the files to Kindle , simple select the files and click on ‘Send to Device‘ button.  A message will be shown that the books you are trying to send to device are not in a format recognized by the device and if you would like to convert the files. Click Yes to Convert and send the files to the Kindle. After submission of the job, your will be able to see the job status on the bottom right corner of the Ebook Management tool. Now eject the Kindle from the computer and you should be able to see all your EPUB books on your Kindle.

Calibre software also has an inbuilt E-Book reader which allows you to read books on your computer. For other Kindle Tips, go to our Kindle Section.

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