How to Remove Passwords from PDF Files

Posted by Mayank on December 12, 2012 in How To

Many of the bank statements are now available online and you can download them in PDF formats. Usually what happens is that we download them and do not remember the password later on. If you have a bunch of PDF files on your computer that are protected by a long and complex password, which you’ve forgotten or you have a bunch of PDF files, which you’ve downloaded securely on to your computer – you should not be needing to provide the password evey single time, Right!

There are tools available that can remove password protection from PDF files. However, which one is the best?

A PDF password remover (also called a PDF password cracker, password reset, or password recovery tool, depending on its ability) is a program that can be used to either find, remove, or bypass the security on a PDF file that prevents you from opening, printing, or changing the PDF file.

How to Remove Passwords from PDF Files

There are several tools available, which can remove passwords from PDF files. If you’re interested in a free tool, which works – here’s one: Remove PDF Passwords and Limitations. This tool helps you remove passwords from PDF file.

Here’s what you can do with this tool:

  • Remove restrictions on any secured PDF document (you should have the right to do it, for example, if you forgot the password). Any Acrobat version up to 9 is supported, even with 128-bit AES or 128-bit RC4 encryption. PDF restrictions removal is an instant process. Unlocked file can be opened in any PDF viewer without any restrictions so you may edit/copy/print it.
  • Remove the PDF open password. Decryption of the file with password for opening is guaranteed for PDF files Any Acrobat version up to 9 is supported, even with 128-bit AES or 128-bit RC4 encryption,but you must know the password first.
  • The tool is Free and it supports max 10M PDF upload and Url Fetch
  • Also the tool is platform-independent

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