How To Restrict Deletion of Apps on iPhone or iPad

An average iPhone user has around 100 apps installed on their iPhone and with increasing no. of apps in the appstore, users tend to download and install more apps on their iPhone or iPad. Over a period of time, it usually gets tough to manage all the apps installed on your iPhone.
Lets say you gave your iPhone to your friend or a kid, and he deleted few apps from your iPhone. Now you can either restore the apps from your iTunes (if already synched and backed up), or you will need to recall the names of app which were installed and then download them one by one from appstore.

To avoid all the trouble, you can disable deletion of apps on your iPhone or iPad. If someone will try to delete the app on your iOS device, they won’t be able to do so. You can follow below steps to do the settings:

Step 1. Go to Settings > General
Step 2. Select Restrictions.
Incase setting is ON you just need to enter your restrictions passcode. If it’s OFF (default setting) then you would need to enable the restrictions first.

Tap ‘Enable Restrictions’ and enter a new passcode. You will be asked to re-enter the restrictions passcode to confirm it.
Now under ‘Allow’ section you should the restriction status of certain apps and features which are ON by default. Setting of ON means that app or feature is allowed to run on your iPhone/iPhone/iPod.

Restrict app deletion on your iPhone/iPad/iPod : Tap ON in front of ‘Deleting Apps’ and it will toggle to OFF. Now go to your iPhone/iPad home screen and try to delete any app. As you would notice thatwhen you press and hold any app on home screen, it would start shaking but  ‘X’ mark required for deletion of app won’t appear.
Now you can be sure that no one else would be able to delete apps on your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Allow app deletion on your iPhone/iPad/iPod: Whenever you want to enable or allow deletion of apps on your iPhone/iPad firstly follow Step 1 and Step2.
In this case as restrictions are already ON , so you will be asked to enter restrictions passcode. Restrictions passcode is the same passcode which you would have entered while enabling the restrictions. Now tapping the OFF button in front of ‘Deleting Apps’ will toggle it to ‘ON’.
Go to your home screen, press and hold any app icon and now you should see ‘X’ icon on the corner of the app. Tapping ‘X’ icon will delete the app.

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