How to Schedule Emails to be Sent Later

Posted by Mayank on August 15, 2012 in GMail,How To

Nobody can live without emails. Almost everyone gets hundreds of emails everyday and we check our mailbox several times each day. However, emails are from being perfect – far from being our perfect companion. All of us need an email client, which will be our perfect companion – just an extension of us.

Our email client should send the email message at the right time in the future, not just now. WoIt should remind us when people do not respond to us. Take messages out of our inbox when we don’t need them, but returning them to the top of your message pile later on, when we do need them.

Boomerang for Gmail offers all of these features. Boomerang is a free Firefox/Chrome extension, which can not do everything, but at least attempts to be our perfect companion.

You need to install Boomerang in whichever browser you prefer to (Firefox or Chrome) and give permission to access your Gmail or Google Apps email account. You will notice a new”send later” button on the top of messages you compose, next to Google’s own “Send” button.

Pressing “Send Later” lets you choose between sending the message at a set interval (in a certain number of hours or days) or at a certain date and time in the future. Imagine sending email messages to your boss after midnight to pretend as if you were working late and won’t be able to show up in office the next day!

Boomerang also has an option named “Boomerang this message;” this appears right above your message window.

This option enables the message to return to the top of your inbox — in a set number of hours or days, or at a set date and time in the future.

When you open a message, Boomerang also asks if you want to boomerang it back to you inbox at another time. And if the message includes a date–such a proposed meeting time or a due date–Boomerang recognizes this, and suggests returning it to your inbox the day before.

Boomerang’s Basic version is free, but limits you to 10 messages per month. Then there is $5-per-month personal version (Gmail only), which offers you unlimited messages and also the $15-per-month professional version, which lets you access it from mobile devices as well.

Here is a video on how to use Boomerang for GMail:

If you use Gmail and Firefox or Chrome, Boomerang for Gmail could quickly become an indispensible tool. I only wish the free version offered a few more messages.

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