How to Search in GMail Attachments

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GMail provided us a revolutionary way of text based search inside GMail. It gave us an option to look for text keywords inside our GMail accounts. Compare it with Lotus Notes, Hotmail or Yahoo and you’ll agree why GMail has been so popular. However, lets face it – Searching for GMail for attachments is awful! I could never understand why GMail never incorporated a search feature akin to Google Image or Google Video search feature. Maybe Googlers know better!

Here comes

Benjamin Coe and Jesse Miller took this opportunity to develop, which can index the contents of your attachments, thereby making searching within the GMail attachments a breeze.

Once you register with and login to your account – it begins indexing all of your email, looking for all of the attachments you’ve ever received. Once it does that, it breaks them according to file type: music, code, archive, movie, image, and document. And the main navigation page is populated with thumbnails of each of these attachments sorted by either the date they came in or alphabetically.

Here’s a look at what can do for you


To search within GMail attachments, you have two options – either search through your documents through website or you can install a Chrome or Firefox add-on. This add-on will let you search within GMail without ever leaving GMail. also has a iPhone app, which allows you to search through your attachments quickly and also lets you put your email attachments into your Dropbox account.

After reading what can do for you – probably your first thought would be regarding privacy. Your attachments are copied and stored in an encrypted format on a secure server, which means that your account information can only be accessed by you. When you remove your account from, it deletes all your data from its servers. The only data they keep intact is statistics, which is to provide further improvements to their system i.e. kind of search people do.


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