How To Share DropBox Files on Facebook Groups

Posted by Prashant on September 27, 2012 in Dropbox

Yesterday Dropbox added one more functionality to its cloud sharing service which allows users to add Dropbox files in Facebook Groups. You can attach a document, image, video or any other file from your Dropbox account to Facebook Group. Dropbox announced on its blog that it will start rolling out this feature to all the groups soon.

Whenever you get that feature of on your groups you can follow the below steps to add Dropbox Files on Facebook Groups.

Step1 : Go to any of your Facebook Groups and add a new post. In the new post section, click on ‘Add Files’ and choose ‘From Your Dropbox’ link. (If you don’t see this link, then feature is not yet added to your Facebook Group. Wait for few days and it will appear).


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Step2: Now you need to choose the files from your Dropbox account. If not already done then you will be asked to authenticate Dropbox to access your Facebook data. Dropbox can only access basic information of your Facebook account like email id, your Facebook Groups and your Friend’s Facebook Group. After successful authentication, your Dropbox and Facebook accounts will be linked.

Step3: Once you choose the file to be attached, the link for the file will appear in your post. Other Facebook group members can use the that link to access the file from your Dropbox account. Facebook may also show a small preview of the file but be assured that Facebook doesn’t have access to your Dropbox data.

It’s totally secure and only the files that you’ve shared will be accessible to Facebook Group members. No one will be able to read other files in your Dropbox folder.You also need to understand that anyone who has this link can access that shared file so if any of your group member posted the link on any other website or sent to his friends, then can also access the file.

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