How To Share Web Pages and Videos on Facebook With a Single Click?

Posted by Prashant on September 18, 2012 in Facebook

Sharing on Facebook has become easier with Facebook Social Plugins like ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ buttons which are installed on almost all the websites but what if you come across a site that doesn’t have any kind of Facebook integration and still you want to share that link with your Facebook friends.
If you copy the URL from the address bar and then share it in a new post on Facebook, it would be an old school tactic. As a SurvivalGuide reader, we have always wanted to help you becoming an expert on using internet tools at their best. To avoid that long route of copying the link and then sharing on Facebook, you can simply click a button on your browser and that’s it, your link will be posted on your Facebook profile within seconds.
To take advantage of this feature you would need to add ‘Share on Facebook‘ Bookmarklet provided by Facebook.

How To Add ‘Share on Facebook’ Bookmarklet To Your Browser

If you already know how to add a bookmarklet to your browser, that’s awesome. If not, we are here to help you. Simply Go to Facebook Bookmarklet Page Click the bookmarklet ‘Share on Facebook‘ button and drag it to the bookmark bar of your browser and then release the mouse. Your new bookmarklet will be added to your bookmark and you’re done.

 share webpages and videos on facebook

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How To use ‘Share on Facebook’ Bookmarklet


Whenever you come across any webpage that you want to share on Facebook, simply click ‘Share on Facebook’ bookmarklet. It will open up the Facebook share window and will allow you to post the link to either your timeline or your friends timeline or a group or a page that you administer. You can also send the webpage as a message to your friend.
Smart thing about this bookmarklet is that, Facebook identifies any videos and images and allows any video to play right within Facebook. Head over to any Website or YouTube Video and share newly found stuff with one Click.
If you like this article, be sure to share it with your Facebook friends with ‘Share on Facebook’ bookmarklet. We also have Facebook ‘Like’ and Facebook ‘Share’ buttons for every article which you can use to recommend our articles on Facebook.

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