How to show Twitter #hashtags results on your website?


Posted by Prashant on September 11, 2011 in How To,Social Networking

Twitter has 100 million monthly active users and 50 million daily active users which makes it really powerful microblogging platform. Though few people have predicted that rise of Google Plus is fall of Twitter and Linkedin but there will be long wait before we could see something like this to happen. So we know that Twitter is still here and growing at a faster pace and its top followed users like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber are getting more followers to their list. Twitter also has tweets which consists of hastags used to refer a tweet to a particular topic or event. If you search twitter for hastags for #google or #googleplus or #facebook or any other hashtag you will find so many tweets related to stories.

You can also show these hashtag results on your website or blog to display live twitter discussion on a particular topic. Latest example of use of hashtag widget is when today i.e. 9/11/2011 , NY Times showed tweets related to hashtag #sept11 which displayed twitter stories related to Sept11. In the below tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a Twitter widget to show hashtag results on your website.

Step1: Go to Twitter resource section

Navigate to Twitter resource section for “Creating Search Widget”. Here you can customize your widget to get search results on a particular topic.

Step2: Customize Twitter search widget

To customize your widget you are asked to provide 3 inputs.

  1. Search Query: This is the search string for which your widget will show the results. for e.g. In the below image we have entered “#sept11” to display stories which are related to September11 and have #sept11 in their tweets.
  2. Title: This is optional if you want to give a title to your widget.
  3. Caption: You can also give a header to your Twitter search widget. This is also optional.

Twitter search widget

After entering above details you can click on “Test Settings” to get a preview of your widget. If you need to modify the look, change the details and click Test Settings again.

Step3: Grabbing the code

Once you have finalized the look of Twitter Search widget for a particular hashtag, click on “Finish & Grab Code” to get a the code which can be embedded on your website.

code for twitter widgetCopy the above code and then add it to your blog/website. In WordPress theme, you can add a text widget to any of your sidebars and paste the code. Similar you can do it for your websites hosted on other platforms. If you have blog on Blogspot, you can directly add the code to your blog by clicking “Add to Blogger” icon. Learn how to create twitter button to get more twitter followers.

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