How to Stop Social Reader from Posting News You Read To on Facebook

social reader recent activity

Facebook has launched a lot of Open Graph platform social apps and Washington Post Social Reader is one of them. Social Reader is built on Facebook’s new Open Graph and it offers a personalized news reading experience if you connect Social Reader to Facebook.

When you use Social Reader, the stories you read will be instantly shared with your friends, and your friends’ reads will be shared with you. The annoying aspect of the Facebook social apps (Social Reader included) is that they’re starting to invade my privacy. Social Reader posts all the news you read to in your RECENT ACTIVITY. Do I want all my friends to know which all news I’ve been reading to? Your friends will see your recent activity like below

social reader recent activity

To disable this annoying feature and stop Social Reader from posting news you read to on Facebook, logon to your Facebook account, click the dropdown button next to the Home button in the top right corner of your screen. Select Privacy Settings.

Once in the Privacy Settings page, go to the Apps and Websites section and click Edit Settings.

facebook apps and websites edit settings

Once inside Apps and Websites, locate the Apps You Use section and click the Edit Settings located next to it. Next you are in the Washington Post Social Reader Settings area and at the bottom of the page, you will be able to locate App activity privacy. By default it is Public.

social reader change privacy

Click the dropdown next to it and click Customize.

customize privacy settingsNow you have the option to custom privacy as per your comfort level. I do not wish to share everything I read on Social Reader – I wish to share whatever I want and wish to have control over it. Hence, I selected the Option “Only Me” in These people or lists.

custom privacyUse this option and you can start reading Social Reader without worrying if you’re sharing too much and stop Social Reader from posting news you read to on Facebook.
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